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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Camp 2014


The first day at camp was cool because there was lots of cool activities to do like a wooshing water slide, a fast fleeing flying fox, orienteering, guns and lots more.

At the end of the day for dinner there was an extremely yummy dinner with vegetables and chicken drum sticks.

Before bed there was supper which was milo and things like chocolate fudge biscuits and more.

At bed everyone was tucked up in their sleeping bags chatting and I could not get to sleep. Every one in my cabin was fast asleep and I was the only one awake. I was awake to 11:30. So I came out of my cabin for looking for help. I saw some from cabin 10 or 9 come out the back door. I asked why are you out side? They were awake all night they said.

The next day I was very tired. We carried on with the activities and then it was time to go on the bus back to school.

I wanted to go back to camp!!!



  1. Camp is so much fun! There are always lots of activities to do and everyone feels tired by they time they return home... but we always want to go back as soon as we get home!

  2. i like how you reminded my of how I couldn't get to sleep and I was turning and rolling but I stiil couldn't get to bed. Plus I know how you feel when we had to go back to school.I can feel because of the big words also also i liked the word wooshing.