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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Smashing an iPad mini

One sunny day after school a year ago mum had a old ipad mini.
“Mum can i smash that ipad mini that you didn't want?”
“Yes,” she said so I took it on to the driveway. I gave it the first drop test on the hard hard concrete. Bang! It sounded like a paint gun. I picked it up.  It looked fine but there was some little cracks on it!!

I dropped it again it made a paint gun sound again. I picked it up. There was a big dent on the side of it and a diagonal crack right through. I turned it on - it still turned on!  I was not surprised because it was not a big crack.

I dropped it again - smash! I picked it up, the whole screen was absolutely shattered!!! But it still worked, I was a little bit surprised that it still worked!

I dropped it again - smash! Bang! That didn't sound good. So I picked up the ipad and turned it on. I was surprised that it was still working, but I could only see half of the screen. I wondered why for a second. It was because the LED broke.  It looked like big white blobs.

Then I decided to get the axe out and I smashed the ipad. I looked at it. It wouldn't work and it had a big crack in it. Wow. 

Next time I hit it, the hole back of it came off!!! In side I saw the five sm hard drive with a big dent in it after hitting it with the axe.

I smashed it one more time with the axe then I found the 6 cm hard drive, so I hit it with the hammer then millions of little silver pieces came from the hard drive and I knew what they were. They were little pieces of the hard disk drive. They looked like little bits of glass but they weren't.
Finally I felt like it was smashed enough so for my last smash I chucked it on to the ground then millions of little bits came out of the iPad mini then it nether worked again.

The end
By Ben Paterson!

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  1. You are a real scientist. I love how you used all your senses when experimenting with smashing this ipad.