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Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Waterways in Christchurch

The kinds of waterways in christchurch are natural but sometimes rivers and streams can be pelted by littering and sometimes litter can go through into the drains on the side of the road and it will go into rivers and it can suffocate birds and other nature. 

Some invertebrates like the water cold to live. Bushes and trees over rivers make shade to keep the water cold, lots of trees.  Macroinvertebrates can be in danger because they can be eaten by fish. They are food for fish.

In an unhealthy river there can be just snails and worms and no mutch invertebrates.
in a healthy river there will be lots of invertebrates.  That's how you can tell if it's healthy or not . The water can be bad for invertebrates if the temperature is too hot. The good temperature for them is 15 degrees. They don't like hot temperatures because they can die from not much oxygen.  Thick algae is bad for invertebrates is hard to breath also. 

Testing our waterways
Our class visited streams and lakes in our neighbourhood.  We tested the water and looked for macro invertebrates. To look for and and get the macro invertebrates we used a invertebrate surveys and took samples. We used a sieve on a stick to catch the invertebrates and spoons to pick up and move the invertebrates to another place. We also used clarity tube to see how Clean the water was. To see how healthy the river Ecosystem was, we used the in-stream and riparian habitat survey. 

We went to Dudley creek and the health of the river is good because there wasn't much Elegy.
Elegy is sometimes good because invertebrates use it to eat.
The evidence from testing are the shade is it good
This could be because there is trees.
Plants and vegetation and Dudley creek is good because it makes it healthy and shady. 
Erosion Can be a problem because it is when the duet falls into the rivers and it can kill fish.

Suggested changes
     These are things we should do to make the rivers better and healthy
Plant more Trees
River not polluted by not littering
Lots of invertebrates they like rocks
Clean water from not littering
The right water temperature 
Enough shade from trees
No animals by the water because they could poop in it and it could kill invertebrates

We should look after our waterways because we need food like fish and cow meat and chicken meat. If there was no such thing as those animals there wouldn't be such thing as meat and fish. The cause of it is when the rivers are polluted by littering.
Don't litter!!
By Ben Paterson 

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