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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Camp 2015

When I’m at school camp I'm always the last to get to sleep and that really annoys me! This year when I was 
in my sleeping bag, kids in my cabin were planning to sneak out once all the teachers were asleep but that never happened. Everyone in my cabin was whispering most of the night and they were making snorting sounds and other silly sounds. Sam kept turning the light on. Others would peep out the window to see if the teachers were asleep yet so we could escape and play on the tractor in the dark. But we never did.
Later on, there was somebody snoring like a chainsaw. It was difficult to get to sleep, and whenever someone started snoring again, Mylo would say "there goes the chainsaw again!".
The next morning we got up early so we could start the activities. The first thing we did was a fun walk with mr Lukes. With Mr Lukes we explored nature and looked at nice flowers. I didn't feel tired when we explored all around the camp, or even at the quiz that night.
But the second morning, I was a little bit tired. But I didn't mind, because it's fun fun staying up extremely late.
 I didn't mind, because it's fun fun staying up extremely late.
sang to me then we had some cake the cake was very good.

The end
By Ben Paterson    

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  1. Good work Ben I liked how you said "he snored like a chainsaw"
    I remember how people made a plan to stay up all at night camp but they didn't.