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Monday, 17 August 2015

Christchurch earthquake 2011

One day, the week I was starting school, I went to pak'nsave and I went shopping with my mum. once we got all the food we payed and once we payed we stood by the loto counter. A few seconds later the ground started shaking. BANG! CRASH! The shopping trolleys were smashing together and sparks flew. The lights were flickering from the power going out and the worst sound was people screaming!
About 15 people were about to insert their credit cards into the Machine when the earthquake started and they just ran without paying because they were so scared and they ran me over with their shopping trolleys and ran for the exit. I felt so so scared Twittering and very sore.
When we went out of the building running we sat on the car park stop block and waited for about 3 minutes then went into the car and drove home. 
As we drove home all traffic lights were not operating so they were flashing yellow and I was surprised that they still had power running into them.
So once I got home first thing I did was see if there was power so I tried to turn the lights on Click and there was no power because the lights did not turn on and my mum was checking everything like the mess and my bedroom wall was smashed up!
There was no power to the refrigerator so after a while Half of the food in it got all moldy.
Walking through the mess I tripped over specially in the kitchen.
There was no other damage but mark didn't come home to 7 o'clock PM because he was stuck in traffic and but by then the power came back on so we Watch the news about Christchurch.
The next day it was a fine day but there was Thousands of aftershocks.

The End
By Ben Paterson.

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