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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My birthday 2015

For my awesome birthday we went to a fun road park  where there was these cool fake roads for bikes scooters or anything but of force not for cars!
I invited jye tiler Naima Sam and caurs!
Once everybody was there we all played on our bikes and scooters on the mini New Zealand roads and I brought my bike we had a great time and I was having a good time doing skids on my bike!
We got called back for a drink and some food we all had our own little party bag full of minecraft stuff because I had a minecraft party! 
Then everyone sang to me happy birthday then we had some cake the cake was very good with a little minecraft creepy on the top and it said happy birthday Ben! Also on the top.
Finally I could open the presents yay!! I said and before I even opened them people were saying open mine first!
I opened my presents I got a bingo game for rainy days from jye and I got a burglar alarm and and something else that I forgot what it was!! From Sam and I got a salt powered robot and from my dad I got a warrior's top and a pair of warriors shorts and I got midnight club for my Xbox 360 midnight club is my favourite video game! And it is a car racing game.
And the last was the greatest one of all! As I opened it I saw the words Windows 8! I was so so happy I nearly cried with joy and I always wanted a windows 8 laptop!!!! was so! so!! so!!! Excited!!!
I got the computer from my nana and gramps .
When I got home I played on my laptop all day!
The end
 By Ben Paterson

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