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Monday, 17 August 2015

Need help with apple products?

If you need any help with computers and apple products?
These are the jobs I am good at and would like to do
1 iMac MacBook and MacBook Pro And iPad restore factory settings.
2 Setting iPad and MacBooks up to the internet.
3 Deconstructing electronic devices.
4 Setting up iPad, iMac and MacBook up for first use. 
5 Creating an Apple ID.
6 Downloading antivirus the same  software safe off the internet.
7 Using iMovie.
These are the apple computers I am good at:
iMac G3 iMac g4 iMac G5 MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Air iMac g7 iBook.

Just get me if you need any help.
Paterson room 16/17
Sorry only for waimairi school not for public!

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