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Monday, 21 September 2015

Bike crash going to school

Have you ever collided with someone else? Like on a scooter at the scooter park, or collided with someone on a bike? Well a collision on the way to school caught me by surprise. 
When I usually go to school I scooter, and I always go by myself. But that day I biked. I go around all the blocks like a maze to get to school so it lasts longer.
One sunny but cold morning I was going to school on my bike along Hawthorne St. I was running early for school and everything was going great and I could feel my hard handlebars. I don't go the short way up the bridge because my arms were little weak ones and it was too heavy to get it up and down the bridge.

I was wearing my big blue jacket and I was zooming fast as the letterboxes flashed past. I could hear myself pedalling and my bike chain going around.
I was going to turn the corner and as I turned the corner Zoom! This rather fat kid on his way to school smashed into me! And ran me over.
It really hurt me, I was in pain! And during the crash I thought that I heard my tire pop but is wasn't mine. Maybe it was the boy's tyre.
I could feel pain in my stomach when he ran me over.
I was riding my little slow red bike and and saw he was riding his big fast gear heavy bike.
After the crash he said sorry.
He Carried on on his fast gear bike and I went on my slow little red bike, walking it thinking that he popped my front tire. But he didn't, so I just carried on going to school.
Not all collisions turn out to be bad, at least not for me.

The end
By Ben

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