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Monday, 12 October 2015

Lost at dress mart mall

One fine day my dad, his girlfriend Kath and I were going to Dress Mart Mall. We were in the car and I was busting to go to the toilet.
Finally we arrived at the mall and first thing I did was rush to the toilet
After I went, I walked out of the exit and dad and Kath weren't there. I didn't see anything apart from an old games machine. I looked and I looked but I couldn't find them so I walked around in a loop of the mall without worrying about getting lost and still I couldn't find them.  I walked around a different path and there they were! I had found them! I felt surprised.  They were still standing outside the exit and that was when I realised that there were two exits and I had come out the wrong one.
They were smiling because they thought that I gotten  stuck in the toilet. After we laughed, we just Carried on shopping.

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  1. Hi Ben I like this piece of writing because I like how you said I rushed to the toilet instead of just saying I ran and I can relate to your writing because I've got lost in that same place beforešŸ˜¬