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Monday, 2 November 2015

My first driving test 2015

My grandad, who I call Da, is 60 years old and he is my role model because he likes fishing and bikes and he makes me laugh.
One fine day we were in the car going to Parnassus with my nana and da. Da asked me "how would you like to have your first driving test with me?" 
"Great!" I said. So to Parnassus we went.

It was starting to rain and we were in the caravan when Da told me that I could have my first driving test that day.
So I went with him outside, hopped in the truck, turned the key and the motor started up.  Da was sitting in the passenger seat and telling me what to do. 

My two hands were on the steering wheel and I wasn't driving yet but I could see the dashboard ready to tell me how fast I was going. 

He told me to put it into gear and accelerate. I gently pushed on the accelerator then the 4WD rolled forward. I was off driving.   I felt a bit nervous but in the end I felt proud because I did it! 
Next time I had my driving test I did reversing too.


  1. I really love this writing Ben. I can feel how excited you were about driving as I read it. And I can feel how much you love your Da, and how much he must love spending time with you too. Well done!

  2. You actually DROVE A CAR!? Or a TRUCK!!? Whatever! That was really cool! I think your Da sounds really cool! I loved reading this because it was really making me a bit nervous! I mean, driving a truck?
    Keep in writing awesome stuff!

  3. He must be pretty cool and old