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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Minecraft City 2015

Minecraft city 2015!

As the city lay quiet and no cars were driving, there was a creepy one way road just sitting there with old cracks made by being in use. Trees surrounded the river, in front of the road. The river will be turned into a one way bridge, with street lights, public buildings, parks and lots more.
The one way road has three lanes all together and it is attached to the 105 Freeway.

By the end of the road there are three arrows. One arrow points straight and the others face left and right. Where the arrow points straight there is no road, but I will build the road there soon.



  1. Hi Ben looks like you love to play mine craft and your totally good at it please keep sending more photos like this I want to see more.
    From Ollie

  2. hi ben how are you so good at mine craft i love your city and your prise of rioting :] and cep on sending these tip of piths like a big caper is that posable for you from hayden :]

  3. OMG you are sooo good at Minecraft keep sending these photos plz