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Thursday, 10 March 2016

The street poem

A ginormous, lonely road 
leads off to the distance
with old smudgy cracks in it 
from earthquakes in the past years 
probably by the San Andreas fault line.

One set of traffic lights 
with an old street sign 
dangles down from up high.

Power lines droop like bunting at a fair
draped down the road.

I am a fast car, who zooms
past an AT&T network sign 
seen from the cockpit.

Where should I go next? 
Will there be a gas station soon?
Or will you take me for a warrant of fitness?

I am learning to improve my writing by adding words in like I sprang out of the water and more. I am trying to use simile, I have used two simile. 
My next step is to make metaphor be taking away ‘like’ and turning it a metaphor.

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