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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Fast Fleeing Flying Fox

The Fast Fleaing Flying Fox

I felt extremely excited, standing at the bottom of a big wooden tower.  The flying fox runs on an old metal power cable, non powered ov corse! I knew that I wouldn't be scared, so there we went off to the fast flying fox and about two minutes later we were there. As I started to climb up I wondered “How tall is this thing? I hope it is not too tall.”  But finally I had reached the top of the great tower of glory.

As I waited letting the other kids go first I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time until …it was my turn to go.  As I stepped up to have my turn I noticed that the flying fox was pretty high, and it didn't have a seat. This  didn't seem that good to me and I was about to go down but I wasn't happy!

As I grabbed the rope to hold on with, I had butterflies in my stomach.
“3.2.1,” I said to myself to count down to get ready to go. Suddenly the thought came to me: without a seat, I might fall. That was when the horribleness kicked in. It felt like I was going to faint with fear. My fearful emotions stopped when I asked if I could go back down.   I slowly walked down the great shimmering metal stairs feeling very stink.  I touched the ground then, to see the the next kid go. He wasn't frightened.


In this writing I was learning to to add strong words and personification and it all came down to me thinking that I couldn't write this and add the strong words but as you can see now I have done it and I feel very well about my great piece of writing.
My emotion of creating my writing was happy and nervous at the same time because it I wanted it to be one hundred percent great and I achieved that. For example fearful is a strong word when I wrote ”My fearful emotions stopped when I asked if I could go back down.”

My next steps are to not rush and stay calm when work is stressing.

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