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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why all kids should own a store

This term we made a special speech. Mine was about why all kids should own store so they can get a lot of money from it. I was learning to structure a speech and make people enjoy it by using language devices.  
I think I needed help with the speech structure to make the parts connect. Many ideas connect to the point of view by in my speech. I used several languages devices to persuade and connect with my audience. At the start of my speech I asked a rhetorical question asking would you like to own your own store?

Please Click Here To Listen To My Speech

Imagine that you are standing behind a counter staring at an old cash register all day thinking about all the money that you could make. What would you spend all the money on? I would spend my money on improving my store and buying electronics. That would make me feel wonderful because I love electronics. This is why I believe that all kids should own their own store: because it will get them a lot of money to move on when they get older like buying a house. I like my store because I love talking to people and helping them find what they are looking for.  In my shop I have a cash register, a laptop computer, lots of stock like shopping items and more.

Stores are hard to run by yourself because you have to buy the stock and store it all on your shelf, and adding a price for all you goods.  But, owning a store can be fun because you can make lots of money from it.  Imagine what you could spend all of the money on.   You could spend the money on yummy sweets.

Would you like to own your own store?
If you don't like going out in public you can still be social by helping the customers  find what they are looking for around the store. Owning a store isn’t all fun...this is a tough job because it involves creating a website, adding safety features like Wormald Fire Alarm System, and a electronic EXIT sign for the safety of your staff and customers.

Saving money for me is hard but you just have to do it or your business may not be as successful as all the other stores .  

I will try to buy road cones and mark the road with marking paint so the cars know where to go. Google came up with the name Benpatersonify to call my shop.

The store can earn me money to live and look after myself when I get older and to move on. People will go and shop at your store only if you make it high quality and safe for what is around the corner.

So what kind of store would you like?



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