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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Week 8: Onager vs Trebuchet

Week 8: Onager vs Trebuchet
This week we learned about two different catapults. One was the trebuchet and the other was the onager. We recorded that the trebuchet fires further than the onager as the trebuchet is larger and has more power in the pull. The other catapult is smaller and uses force to fire the ball. It uses torsion and that is when something is constantly twisted and when it can't hold anymore the twisted object lets go and uses its pressure to fire the inserted ball on the onager. I enjoy watching the two catapults in use because I like recording and putting them into  a slow motion film.

Week: 8 Onager vs Trebuchet
This term we are learning about two catapults. The Onager and the Trebuchet work differently, the Onager uses the thrust of the stick to swing the ball through the air. The Trebuchet uses the weight of the metal weights to swing the arm around then it thrusts the ball out of the sling. The Onager and the Trebuchet were made to hit buildings/castles. The Onager has a shorter arm then the Trebuchet. Something I noticed that was the same is that both are made of wood. The Onager has a higher flight of the ball but the Trebuchet only fires ahead.

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