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Monday, 3 July 2017

Week 9 Science Journal

Thursday 29th June 2017                                                  Ben Paterson
During week 9 we made from a variety of different items like modelling sticks, masking tape, paper and straws. We were in different groups and each group made different things then moved on to the next group until each group eventually completed the different activities. The activities were make a rocket, make a jumping frog and using the angle launcher.

The Rockets:
We used rubber bands to add onto our rockets to make it shoot further and faster. The rubber bands were used to create elastic potential energy which makes it go further and faster. I used a smaller rubber band to make just that little bit more elastic potential energy.

The Flipping Frogs:
We also used rubber bands to create our flipping frogs. The rubber bands were used to add the jump to our frogs. I found that my frog broke after a large number of usages because the cardboard we used for our main base of frogs was a little bit thin but still thick cardboard.

The Angle Launcher:
We used the angle launcher to shoot balls out of it and to measure how far they would shoot. We had to insert a small steel pole to set the the ball to fire. The angle launcher would only shoot one ball at a time but was still pretty fun to use. We could set the launcher to shoot on higher of lower distances. 45 degrees

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