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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Camp 2017

Hi everyone,

Have you ever been on a school camp, and it would always seem as if YOU were the one that couldn't get to sleep? Well that's me who can never get to sleep at camp during bedtime. We had arrived at our camp for the two nights staying at the Wainui YMCA. We were not even thinking about the activities but only BEDTIME, well for me at least. We started the first couple of activities before dinner and that kept my mind onto something else. Even know we had only arrived at camp during lunch time, we got a lot done during that period. It was finally time for bed and I knew that that was only the beginning for me to be awake for a long time, at least midnight because that's what happened at my last camp with school.

We were all ready and tucked up in our sleeping bags all ready chatting away when the teachers had just LEFT our cabin, obviously!
At about 9:30, half an hour after sleep time none of us were asleep but chatting instead, lots and lots of chatting, UNTIL… one angry parent walked into our cabin saying “you boys should be asleep it's 11:36 and all the parents next door to you can hear every single word you yap, now be quiet and go to sleep. I wanted to go to sleep but as soon the door clicked shut all the yapping began to start again. 
At about 12:00 and lots more before than, more and more angry parents and teachers walked into our cabin to obviously say not very positive things…… “FOR THE 100th TIME, BE QUIET!! Other wise we will send whoever is making most of the noise back to school tomorrow and will be sent to the principle” After all of that we were all sure to be quiet and it worked everyone quickly went to sleep and it was about 1:50 AM. I was the only one awake while everyone else was asleep. I started to get very bored and a bit worried with no one to talk to. One of the parents came in once again only to see that everyone was asleep, and snoring like a chainsaw. She was looking around the room at every bunk. I was still awake unlike everyone else as I have always had sleeping problems especially at camp as you know. The parent creeped out of the cabin and then I heard the door click shut quietly. I was asleep in no time, well it was about 2:33 in the morning and I was bound to be sleeping just like everyone else. 

The early morning went on and I didn't get much sleep and and everyone in our whole cabin had to clean the toilets, the boys and girls toilets for a punishment for keeping all the teachers and parents awake most of the night talking. I was tired, so tired but the day went on faster than I thought and I had a better sleep the next night with EVERYONE sleeping this time, and not talking. It was the next morning and was finally time to go back to school and I was sure that everyone on the two busses including me were ALL in a bad tired mood. Also hearing the teachers telling us off more than normal just made me know that everyone was tired from the previous nights especially from OUR cabin, the BOYS cabin! 
After all the chaotic nights in our cabin specifically and for the teachers too we were all finally packed up and back at school and we were all sure that the teachers and parents were totally relieved after the CRAZY nights in our cabin!

So if you are a crazy sleeper and you are going on a school camp with all your friends then also try and convince you teachers to place you in the cabin with people who DON’T create chaos in their cabin.

Thanks everyone.

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