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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Term 3 Dance & Drama Reflection

Dance and Drama Brief

In your dance/drama group, create a short play to tell the chosen story.   Your play must be between 5 and 8 minutes long (including music/dance).

The drama must:
Be 4- 7 minutes long
Show and vary the different elements of drama (role, situation, time, space, tension, focus, action, mood).
Include all of the drama techniques (Voice, Body, Movement, Gestures, facial expressions).

The dance must:
Be 30 seconds - 1 minute long (we can trim)
Use music selected for its message/emotion to connect with the story, or include music played by our own students
Show and vary the different elements of dance (Relationships, Time, Space, Body Awareness,

How well did we achieve the brief (above)? We achieved some of the briefings such as the drama having emotions and themes.

How well did we work together as a group – what went well?
We had some trouble finding parts for us to play in the dance and drama but that got resolved by working as a team and excepting ideas.

How well did we work together as a group – what were our challenges?
Our challenges were giving everyone a part.

How did we overcome our challenges?
The challenges were that I was worried that the technology may not work, such as the music stopping. I overcame this by slowing down what i was doing (but not so long it took ages!) and I was checking in with each group on when, where, and how to start their music.

How did I feel about our work, in the end?
I felt proud of myself for doing the technology for the whole production. I felt the 6 square group did a good job because they were able to discuss and sort our problems.

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